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Happy Easter.

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Fargo: S1 E1

"The Crocodile’s Dilemma"

Good lord. That was some of the darkest black humor and charm that I’ve ever seen wrapped up into a tight hour opening. One of the better pilots in recent memory, and certainly one that has a bit of something for everyone.

The characters are evocative of the movie the series is derived from, but it never feels stuck in that place. It’s moving, changing, lifting off to something more unique, something that we can see coming up that barren, snow covered horizon. And it looks to be mighty good.

Bill Bob Thornton has caught my attention immediately. He carries the soul of the movie with it’s complex and unique sense of justice and humor. He is order and chaos, and the writing presents these traits wonderfully. One to watch for the next few parts.

Not a game changer, but it certainly hits the ground running. Keep this up; so far, in terms of mini-series, True Detective has a new contender.

"Sometimes I tell people you’re dead!"

"Write, ‘Self-Explanatory’"

"Oh my god. Is Sam dead?"


Well there goes Leon the Professional spoilers

Well so much for watching Game of Thrones