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The Wire: S2 E3

"Hot Shots"

Another solid episode. The fact that the writers can move so many pieces around and still have a complete picture is quite remarkable. 3 episodes in and more has happened then in some entire seasons of other TV shows (cough Walking Dead cough).

Very interesting to see how each person has an angle to play. Some characters who you may have been rooting against now have legitimate reasons to do good, and visa versa. It’s repeated again and again, but that’s what makes characters real: they act like true human beings.

"Around the world…in 880 days!"

"Fuck that shit Zig. Seriously."

"Fuck you very much!"


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The Wire: S2 E2

"Collateral Damage"

Hell, it’s about time. When’s the last review I did? 6 months ago? Finally, I found a good stream. Hello Amazon Prime.

I vaguely remember the first episode of the season but I do recall it being a welcome change of pace to the city texture that Season 1 had. Changing the locale to the docs is a welcome new sight, and allows us to explore a different part of Baltimore’s seedy underworld.

It’s a jump right back into what this show does so well. Tell a believable story about every day people and the intricate actions and reactions that happen between them. These aren’t high concept pulpy scenes. They’re grit, cold, honest, and truthful. Maybe all I needed from this show was a break, because after watching S1 of The Walking Dead, I’m sure as hell glad character’s are making sense again.

"All you’ve got right there is a bunch of paperwork."

"You want love, you can sit in my lap."

"They fucked with my fish, man!"


To track these reviews, search for the tag #bbvstw

The Walking Dead: Where fans fail to see character’s acting irrationally and causing conflict is actually just bad writing.

I watched The Walking Dead’s first season. It was pretty good. Bit soap opera-y. 7/10, mostly for the production value. Everything else was pretty average.

Decided not to go forward for the next 4 seasons (including the upcoming one). Heard the ratings weren’t as good. Now that I’m watching a Season 2 summary, I’m glad I didn’t. That’s about it. Man, Season 1 is starting to look brilliant right now..

"I need mysterious face. Can you show mysterious? I need more mysterious."

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